Quick Answer: How Long Is Too Long Blog Post?

What is the average word count for a blog post?

1142 wordsHere are the findings concerning content length: The average blog post is now 1142 words long, 41 percent more than three years earlier.

Half as many bloggers write content with less than 500 words..

How often should I blog?

2-4 times a weekSome bloggers say more content is better, and they’re not wrong, while others swear by posting less often. And they’re not wrong either. Truly, many agree that blogging on a regular basis (2-4 times a week) offers you the greatest return.

How long is a 500 word blog?

To recap, it fills about one full page in a Microsoft Word document at a font size of 11 or 12. 500 words is also a standard minimum word count length for writing a blog post on a common subject. That being said, other types of content may require 1000 words, 2000 words or even 2500 words to be really effective.

How long should a blog post take?

three hours and 57 minutesThe average blog post takes three hours and 57 minutes to write. This doesn’t take into consideration image creation, formatting, SEO optimization, promotion, or other aspects of publishing content. That’s the data according to the Orbit survey.

Is blogging worth it 2020?

You should probably start a blog in 2020. … Despite claims that no one wants to read long-form content, or that all content will be delivered via video, the fact is, Blogging is still an extremely viable and effective medium for creating content and building an online business, even today.

How many pages is 2000 words?

4 pages2,000 words is around 4 pages of A4 with single spacing, or 8 pages of A4 with double spacing.

How long should it take to write a 1000 word blog post?

3 hours and 21 minutesIt’s easy to assume that writing a 1,000-word blog post takes less than an hour, but the reality is quite different. Even the best bloggers writing about topics they know well need an average of 3 hours and 21 minutes to put together great blog posts.

What makes a good blog post?

A good blog post is about one topic, one story, one idea. … Before you begin blogging, figure out what you want to write about. Choose a mock headline to give yourself some structure (you can always change it later), and start writing. Good titles are interesting, descriptive, and engaging.

How long should a blog post be 2020?

A good benchmark is to write content that’s around 1,000 to 1,500 words. At a minimum, blog posts should have at least 300+ words so that they won’t be labelled as having ‘thin content’.

Is 3000 words too long for a blog?

Here’s what they found. According to their findings, “3,000 – 10,000-word content gets the most shares.” Another study from SerpIQ concurred. However, their findings were a bit different and found that just over 2,450 words was the sweet spot.

Can a blog be too long?

Technically, there is no official minimum for blog post length, though Yoast recommends at least 300 words. That said, HubSpot data suggests writing longer posts should be the rule rather than the exception for your blog.

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