Quick Answer: What Is Juanita Bynum Net Worth?

Who is Juanita Bynum sister?

Kathy BynumRegina BynumJanice BynumJuanita Bynum/SistersIn the nest of the Sears Tower, Chicago, Illinois, Juanita Bynum was born on January 16th, 1959.

She and her four siblings, Kathy Bynum, Janice Bynum,Regina Bynum, Thomas Bynum were born of the married couple, Elder Thomas Bynum Sr.

and Katherine Bynum..

Where is Juanita Bynum from?

Chicago, Illinois, United StatesJuanita Bynum/Place of birth

How old is Bishop TD Jakes?

63 years (June 9, 1957)T. D. Jakes/Age

Who did Bishop week marry?

Juanita Bynum WeeksOn Thursday, December 13, Weeks sent an eight-minute video email blast titled, “A Special Message from Bishop to his wife Juanita Bynum Weeks and the Global Destiny Family Worldwide.”

Who is Juanita Bynum married to?

Thomas Wesley Weeks, IIIm. 2002–2008Juanita Bynum/SpouseBishop Thomas W. Weeks III, 54, the estranged husband of world-renowned evangelist and prophetess Juanita Bynum, surrendered to Atlanta police Friday on charges that he attacked his wife.

How do I contact Juanita Bynum?

Juanita Bynum MinistriesPO Box 2669, Cumming, Georgia, 30028, United States.(866) 942-9686.More items…

How much do gas monkey employees make per episode?

How much does Gas Monkey Garage make per episode? Richard Rawlings’ salary on the show is an estimated $50,000 to $75,000 per episode.

What is TD Jakes net worth?

T. D. Jakes Net Worth: T. D. Jakes is an American bishop, author, and filmmaker who has a net worth of $20 million.

Is Juanita Bynum still married?

Thomas W. Weeks III and evangelist Juanita Bynum said they are moving on with their lives after their public and turbulent marriage ended June 20, roughly a month before the couple’s sixth wedding anniversary. Bynum said the divorce is “not a sad thing,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

When was Juanita Bynum born?

January 16, 1959 (age 62 years)Juanita Bynum/Date of birth

What is Tom Smith net worth?

Misfit Garage cast Tom Smith On the other hand, Tom Smith’s net worth is $500,000. Ever since joining the show, Misfit Garage, his wealth has considerably increased with the popularity of the show. As per several reports, Tom obtained $17,000 per episode of the show.

Does Juanita Bynum have a child?

Abusive Married Life; Relationships With Woman She got divorced from the first marriage and later vowed that she would never talk about it. And with her two broken marriages, she has not been seen in any relationship, and neither has she had any children.

Who is Thomas Weeks married to?

Christina Glennm. 2009Juanita Bynumm. 2002–2008Thomas Wesley Weeks, III/Spouse

Does Gas Monkey own fired up garage?

Who Really Owns Fired Up Garage? Tom Smith and Jordan Butler, as well as Thomas Weeks and Scot McMillan were the original people behind Fired Up Garage, though Richard Rawlings, the man behind Gas Monkey garage, reportedly owns majority control of the garage.

What is Thomas Weeks net worth?

Thomas Weeks Net Worth: Thomas Weeks is an American minister and writer who has a net worth of $3 million. Thomas Weeks was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1967. Affectionately known as Bishop Weeks he had a highly publicized wedding to televangelist and “prophetess” Juanita Bynum in 2003.