Quick Answer: Why Did Dolly Parton Sing With Zach Williams?

Who wrote Zach Williams song there was Jesus?

Zach WilliamsDolly PartonThere Was Jesus/Composers.

What does the video there was Jesus mean?

“So ‘There Was Jesus’ is a song that’s really just about the reflection. I’m looking back 20 years ago where I had no idea that God was in the moment, that He was even with me through some of the things I had going on in my life. Looking back now I can see that He had His hand in everything I was doing.

What is Dolly Parton’s new song called?

I Still BelieveDolly Parton shared a hopeful new song entitled “I Still Believe,” which is a just-released bonus track from her holiday album, A Holly Dolly Christmas.

Is Zach Williams married?

1. Wife and Children. The exact year when Zach Williams got married to his wife, Crystal is unknown, but we do know he was married to her when he was still a secular rock star. The duo are still married and their union has been blessed with children.

What happened to Zach Williams?

After the breakup, Williams turned to religion, becoming the worship leader of the Central Baptist Church in Jonesboro in 2014. He continued to work on music, now singing inspirational songs. In 2016, he signed with Provident’s Essential imprint and released “Chain Breaker,” which became a Christian hit.

What is Dolly Parton’s biggest hit?

Top 10 Dolly Parton Songs”It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right” … “Two Doors Down” … “Here You Come Again” … “Islands in the Stream” … “Jolene” From: ‘Jolene’ (1974) … “Coat of Many Colors” From: ‘Coat of Many Colors’ (1971) … “9 to 5” From: ‘9 to 5 and Odd Jobs’ (1980) … “I Will Always Love You” From: ‘Jolene’ (1974)More items…•Jan 19, 2021

In real life, Parton is also considered to be Cyrus’ godmother. … I’ve known her since she was a baby,” Parton once told ABC. “Her father (Billy Ray Cyrus) is a friend of mine. And when she was born, he said, ‘You just have to be her godmother,’ and I said, ‘I accept.

What is Dolly Parton’s favorite color?

pinkDownload ppt “Dolly Parton By: Krista Jameson. Fun facts. Her favorite color is pink. Her middle name is Rebecca.

Does Dolly Parton sing with Zach Williams on there was Jesus?

Zach Williams debuts a new music video “There Was Jesus” featuring Dolly Parton. … Last November, Zach and Dolly shared their stunning duet with the world when they performed “There Was Jesus” at the 53rd Annual CMA Awards.

Who else sings there was Jesus?

There Was Jesus”There Was Jesus”Producer(s)Jonathan SmithZach Williams singles chronology”Rescue Story” (2019) “There Was Jesus” (2019) “Empty Grave” (2020)Dolly Parton singles chronology12 more rows

Is there was Jesus on the country charts?

“There Was Jesus” tops both the Christian Airplay and Christian AC charts for the chart week of Sept. … 1s on the Country Airplay chart, two No. 1 tracks on the Adult Contemporary chart and two No. 1 songs on the all-genre Hot 100.

How old is Dolly Parton the singer?

75 years (January 19, 1946)Dolly Parton/Age

What is the story behind there was Jesus?

Written by Zach, Jonathan Smith and Casey Beathard, “There Was Jesus” is a reflection on Zach’s journey. He said, “I’m looking back at 20 years ago when I had no idea that God was in the moment, that He was even with me through some of the hard things that have gone on in my life.

Who is singing with Zach Williams on there was Jesus?

Zach WilliamsDolly PartonThere Was Jesus/Artists

How old is Zach Williams?

40 years (March 5, 1981)Zach Williams/Age

Does Dolly Parton have a Christmas album?

A Holly Dolly Christmas is the forty-seventh solo studio album by American singer-songwriter Dolly Parton. It was released on October 2, 2020, by Parton’s Butterfly Records in partnership with 12-Tone Music Group.

Zachary Williams (born 1983), son of Robin Williams (1951–2014)

What is Dolly Parton worth?

Dolly Parton’s Net Worth: $600 Million.

Did Jesus get married?

Jesus Christ was married to Mary Magdalene and had two children, a new book claims.